The Magnetic Systems Technology ( MST ) arose from a management buyout of the Philips Lighting Electromagnetic Ballasts factory in Kętrzyn, Poland.

In 1996, Philips made a strategic decision to locate electromagnetic ballasts production in Kętrzyn. Its first production of electromagnetic coils, as components of high intensity discharge ballasts (called HID) started in September that year.

In the following year, production of complete HID ballasts started. During the first years, efforts were made to improve both technical and quality competence. In 1998 and in 2001 the factory received ISO quality certificates. Over the years 2000 and 2003, the production of electromagnetic ballasts for fluorescent lamps and the remaining HID production was fully transferred from the Netherlands.

In 2003 the Development Department was formed and in the following year this was extended with SMT certified laboratory for electromagnetic ballasts for HID and fluorescent lamps. In 2008 laboratory capabilities were extended to the full release of HID systems including ignitors.

In 2004 implementation of the Lean Manufacturing Process began and it still exists today. In 2008-2009 the production of electromagnetic ballasts from the whole Europe was consolidated in Kętrzyn. Also in 2009 the factory became Philips Competence Center for electromagnetic systems throughout the European, Middle Eastern and African regions.

In May 2010 Philips made a strategic decision to stop production and sales of electromagnetic ballasts for fluorescent lamps with the Philips brand. The Management Team seized the opportunity and registered the MST brand as a Philips one and continued the sales of electromagnetic ballasts for fluorescent lamps under the MST brand.

In April 2011 the Management Team purchased the factory and the MST brand from Philips. MST became an exclusive Philips supplier of electromagnetic ballasts for HID lamps with Philips brand in European, Middle Eastern and African countries. Also, as a  manufacturer it offered its own branded products: electromagnetic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, filter coils and integrated HID systems using Philips components.

MST, by ensuring Philips-type quality, also offers products on the basis of sub-contracting or joint development based on core competencies.

In 2014, MST started production of electronic devices for lighting applications (ignitors and LED modules) and extended existing factory space by 5000 square meters. Two thirds of that area were planned for the warehouse and one third for production of electronics.

During 2015, the accreditation of MST was extended by LED modules in terms of functional and safety requirements. Additional laboratory facilities are located in the new premises.