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Power switch for high intensity discharge lamps – HID power reduction

Power switch:

  • Switch-over to reduce power operation without applying control voltage (acc. to minutes time delay)
  • System works for 5 minutes of full load operation after start, independent of the applied control signal
  • System switch-over to full power when applying control voltage (after delay time)
  • Maximum switching lamp power: 600W for HID sodium lamp, and 700W for HID mercury lamp
  • Maximum switching lamp current: 8A
Product name Ordering code Downloads Lamps Housing Dimensions
Power Mains voltage Mains frequency Tc Ta [mm]
[W] [V] [Hz] [°C] [°C] A1 A2 B1 C1
NPV 700-TM05 8028 111 12046 sh-200 2016-12-22
50 ... 700 HS/HM 220-240 50/60 80 -30 ... +80 Plastic screw 74 62 36 32